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6th Annual VIRTUAL Blue Ribbon Run 5K

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we are hosting a VIRTUAL Blue Ribbon run in place of our usual event.  The goal is to raise money for the Traverse City chapter of US Too and help them in their important work with prostate cancer support, education and awareness.

How it works.

September is national Prostate Cancer Month.  Run a 5K any time during the month of September and share your results.   There should be plenty of good weather days and opportunity to participate.   We are asking that all runners use an app like Strava or Map My Run to track your results.  At the end of the month we will post the results and we will send you a t-shirt and award in the mail.

Run your course or ours.

We will have the official Blue Ribbon Run course map online and you can print it out our download it.   If you like run the familiar course we have had for the past several years starting and finishing at the Filling Station and winding thru the Traverse City streets. We will have a sign posted at the start, snap a selfie at the start or finish and share with us.    And you don’t even have to come to Traverse City, you are welcome to run your own 5k wherever you are and share it with us.  This opens up the event so you can get friends and family out of town involved in this worthy cause.

Awards Ceremony

There will not be an awards ceremony, but we will post the fastest time broken down by gender and categories on our website and social media.  5k is 3.1miles.  Do your best to hit that 5k mark but if your run is just a little long or a little short no worries.  When we calculate for best times we’ll extrapolate or truncate accordingly so we’re making an accurate comparison.    If we get enough participation there will be medals as well.  


Walkers are welcome too.   We know that some of you participate in our event each year to show support and walk the course.   You can do the same thing and participate by walking a 5k and sharing with us. Walkers don’t need to use an app like Strava, just send us a photo of yourself walking optionally wearing Blue to show your support for this worthy organization.

We will keep the registration open through the entire month of September. Everyone that registers and runs or walks will have a T-shirt mailed to them after the event.   Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions, this is a brand new format for us and we are figuring it out as we go.

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